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Warning: Do not invest in The Most Comprehensive Professional Golf Caddie Home Study Course, “Professional Golf Caddie Secrets Revealed” If You Are Afraid To Be Very Successful.
According to public records and online resource statistics, major companies believe that their best managers and employees are always willing to invest in themselves. Just look at the top performers in any occupation or company and you will find their work area filled with books, magazines, tapes and videos on how to improve themselves. The bottom line is that successful business owners and managers know that the way to produce positive results reside in their employees' minds. If their employees' minds are alive, awake and growth- oriented then the company grow. You have to invest in your career to be a superstar.
In this newly revised edition of Professional Golf Caddie Secrets Revealed Book which is now available in Paper back on AMAZON.COM, Is a must read book for all caddies, author Anderson Craigg, offer you many tips, secrets and techniques that will accelerate your success as a professional golf caddie. Some of the topics that you will learn and master in this book are: Comprehensive step by step instructions on how to treat your players, why it is very important to be professional at all times, better communication skills, how to build more self confidence, how to increase your earnings instantly, how to maintain a positive attitude, how to give superior service to the players, the importance of patience, you will discover why some caddies make it to the top and why others fail. Finally, you will learn the very same techniques, tips and strategies that THOUSANDS of others have used and now are making upwards of six figures per year. Yes, that’s right SIX FIGURES and you will have more fun in your life.
In my ongoing efforts to deliver actionable value to you, I have invested more in comprehensive research and streamlined systems to help your career get off to a fast start. I want you to be one of the TOP 5% of caddies that are still in the profession and thriving after five years! Many of my readers have used and applied the secrets, tips and techniques and are currently caddying on the PGA tour, Nationwide tour and at World Class Golf and Country Clubs around the USA and they have doubled their income in the past few years, and so can YOU.
Dear Friend,
Whether you are brand new with no previous experience or you have experience, or you are in pursuit of a new lifestyle, you would find the information to be up-to-date and priceless. You will have the choice to enjoy this fulltime or part time on weekends, if you are just looking to supplement your income. This book will help you to increase your earnings right away.
My mission is to help as many boys, girls, men and women around the world learn the latest secrets, strategies and techniques on how to become a Professional Golf Caddie. My primary purpose for this assignment is to raise the bar another notch and sell 100,000 copies in the next two years and to donate part of the proceeds to worthy Golf Caddies Charitable Organizations around the world. I would love your help in accomplishing that goal my friend.
By far the Most Entertaining and Rewarding
Lifestyle for the average person.
Contacts…How would you like to be one person away from unlimited power…If you caddy for Bill Clinton’s researcher or accountant…You can access Bill Clinton. Caddies are only one person away from all that power. What millionaire, billionaire or person with authority would you like to meet next?
Money…This is the biggest best-kept secret in this profession, the sky is the limit. PGA caddie income is unlimited, the top professional caddies make well over $1,000,000.00 a season through endorsements, fees, consultation, coaching and investments.
Playing privileges... If you are serious about becoming a Professional Golf Caddie you will have the time to play the best golf courses free of charge.
So Simple, Even a 7 Year Old Kid Could Do It
"Yes” my friend It’s so simple, it’s amazing... Sure there’s the usual compliment you will be required to give your player and knowing your yardage is very important, however, there are other simple strategies that involve where to go and what to say. It’s also important to know which players to go to and how to get to them. This involves what to say outside the clubhouse and who to say it to. In order to earn more, you will need to surround yourself with big spenders and players who would compensate you based on your service and performance.
It’s not like a 9 to 5 job where you have to work your way up to the top to increase your earnings. It is just the opposite. You earn by performance regardless of how new you are to the profession and you can have fun doing it. You’ve got have an upbeat attitude and put your players at ease.
"Millionaire Ranks Hit New High," says the Wall Street Journal. Not since 1998 – near the peak of the .com bubble – have so many people gotten rich.
Compared with their parents at the same age, says Congressional Budget Office, baby boomers typically have higher income, are preparing for retirement at a faster pace compared to their parents and have accumulated more private wealth.

"The number of U.S. households with a net worth of $1 million or more rose 21%, according to a survey released yesterday by Spectrem Group, a wealth-research firm in Chicago.

As you read about the increases shown by these statistics you can almost see baby boomer executives with fat wallets pouring out of the clubhouse. Can you hear them complaining about the lack of good quality caddies? You can almost feel their enthusiasm when they ask “Is this 7 iron good enough for this shot?” or “How many yards do you think that is?”

So, here’s why I am qualified to teach you, and what you will get out of this book
My name is Anderson Craigg, author, coach, trainer and a Professional Golf Caddie for over 25 years. I’ve caddied for hundreds of celebrities, millionaires and billionaires and many high-level business executives. I have taught hundreds of professional caddies around the world valuable and priceless information about my experience as a professional golf caddie. When you invest in the "Professional Golf Caddie Secrets Revealed " blueprint, you will get the most comprehensive guide in print existing on the market This guide will help you in all areas of your personal life and caddying profession. The whole blueprint is designed for you to be able to offer the best possible service to your players. It reviews all key areas of the game that are essential to be professional on a consistent basis.  This book provides practical and effective caddie tips, strategies, recommendations and advice to start putting fun back into your life. I have provided specific instructions and recommendations for you to practice and apply, and of course, there is always my personal support for you after you invest in this book. Listed below are a number of topics that will be discussed in this complete guide to increase your earnings right away:
Introduction to training- I will expose you to the hidden secrets of the game. But most of all I will teach you how to effectively get your piece of the pie. TIP: Golf is a multi-billion dollar a year game played by millionaires and billionaires. A secret, a professional caddie is not only an entertainer and service provider, but he or she is a consultant.
How to greet the player – There is more than meeting and greeting the players and getting their clubs. You will Learn the full story.
Knowing the difference between caddies and forecaddies – You will never be the same again once you learn my quick study recommendations and my insider strategies.
How to organize the clubs in the golf bag – Included is a diagram that will show you how to quickly identify the clubs and where to put them in the golf bag.
Caddie Kit Recommendations – There are at least 20 items that you should have before you go to meet your player. Do you know what they are?
Before the Round – There are several key pieces of information needed before the round. Sound overwhelming? Not at all. You will breeze through them with my recommendations.
During the Round – These fifty ideas will become second nature to you once you learn my methods of applying them.
After the Round – If you don’t know these few Do’s and Don’ts, you will never see that big pay day.
The Check List you should always carry – Know these 5 essential tips and they will set you apart from every amateur caddie out there!
Tools You Will Need -- You will never be lost as a consultant. Sure, you will need a ball marker, range finder, pin sheet and a score card , however you will be taught what extra tools are required to gave you the edge over your fellow caddies.
Cleaning and counting the clubs- Know this one simple secret about cleaning the clubs that will blow your players away.
Knowing the players and equipment – Learn the secret of how to remember each player's name and their equipment.
Knowledge of the holes – A quick and easy way to know the par and yardage for each hole.
How to read a yardage book – I’ll show you an easy way to understand the yardage book and make it your friend.
Golf Signals – Not only must you know these 5 signals, but you must show them to your clients as well. Don’t worry, my simple to read diagrams will make it easy.
Bags and golf balls -- Now, how is it some caddies know each players golf balls, and where to position the bags on every hole? Yes, there’s a secret to it, I’ll show you.
Calculating yardages – You’ll never forget my simple but effective trick to gauging yardages. Bet you didn’t know that it is really up to the caddy to set the pace of the game?
Wind Conditions – There are a couple of other things you have to do besides look at which direction the flag is blowing. I’ll show you how to do these things.
Course Maintenance – A sure fire method to conquer the ongoing divot and bunker problems.
Position on the putting green – Where you position yourself and your bags is a whole different game on the putting green. My simple graphic explains it all.
Reading the Green and Attending the Flag stick – Never be at a loss as to when to pull the flag stick and be the master of reading the green with this simple trick.
Responsibilities of the caddy – If you learn the responsibilities that I outline, you are well on your way to the big pay day.
And much, much more. Go ahead and invest in your future Now!
Are you convinced or do you need more information?
You won’t find any fluff in this book. It is loaded with valuable and quality information that tells you exactly what you need to do in order to caddy in the big leagues.  The graphics and diagrams are simple and easy to understand. Anyone can crank up their level of caddying with this kind of knowledge. Please do not take my word for it, read what some professional caddies are saying about Professional Golf Caddie Secrets Revealed!
Don't take my word for it....listen to what readers from around the world are saying.
(This a small collection of the hundreds of testimonials and Success Stories I get every year.)
“I have increased my earnings by 20% in only a month after investing in your book.”

Subject: Your Book Rocks!!!

Thank so much for the book. It has been by far the best money I've ever invested on caddying.
I have increased my earnings by 20% with 5 new clients in only a month from all the great tips. I've recommended your book to all my caddy friends.
Billy P.
Pinehurst # 2
“I can now take my career to the next level.”

"I appreciated the 'basic' level on which the content was presented inside of your book.
I feel that I actually learned a great deal in less than a week and I have some new ideas forming on how I can take my career to the next level."

-- Kevin Bressler, Mechanicsburg, PA
“I saw the results immediately. Wow!! A Must read book for all caddies.”

Well I'll be damned! Bought your book last week, spent 3 days studying and practicing the most obvious things you recommended.
The 3 things I did immediate. I saw the results immediately. Wow!!

Guess what, I'm enjoying caddying more, I'm practicing and can't wait for my next round on Friday to try out some of the ideas in your book.

Thank you, thank you, so much.


Pete Thomas
“Wow! Boy was I blown away with the outcome”

Hi Anderson
I did receive your book and have already begun to see results, even
though I have not finished reading it through yet.
I have had the book for less than a week and I went to the mountains of North Carolina for the weekend to work, and took the opportunity to try out some of the tips and secrets up there.
Wow! Boy was I blown away with the outcome.

Simon C

Are you convinced or do you need more information?
You don’t have to repeat the mistakes I made while learning…Now you can learn from me, on how to be a professional golf caddie…just look at …Billy from Pinehurst…and Kevin from Mechanicsburg…and Pete Thomas…and Simon C…and many others. These techniques work and I am constantly adding new revisions about my results to my readers.
Everything boils price cialis down to the bottom line.  Life comes at you fast, You don’t have the time to learn these things on your own.  Why would you want to waste another day and risk losing all that money and time, when you could be on your way to a successful moneymaking career with my time-proven tips, secrets and techniques.
I am so confident that you will succeed and your lifestyle will never be the same,when you invest in this book that I will make you an offer.
If you invest NOW, I'll give you 60 days to review your book and if for any reason that you are not completely satisfied with your results. You will received a full money-back guarantee, A "No questions asked full refund" and keep all the bonuses, that is my way of saying Thank you for trying my book.
Start reviewing and using the tips, secrets, techniques and recommendations for yourself, for the next 2 months and enjoy the life changing experiences.
You have absolutely nothing to lose!
Here's my offer to you...
I want you to be completely satisfied, so I'll make you a SPECIAL offer if you agree to these two things:
1. You must send me your "Success Story" on how the book helped you.  (Nothing fancy, just tell me how the book helped you in your own words.)
2. You must invest in the book TODAY.
Here's what I'll do for you...
I want to make sure you are totally satisfied and enjoy success immediately that I'll make you a Special VIP Member Offer, I will give you a copy of THINK AND GROW RICH By Napoleon Hill, a book that could make you millions and three bonuses that will increase your earnings right away
Bonus #1: Private Golf Courses Directory-- A $97.00 VALUE. A comprehensive guide of all the golf courses in the USA by States and Contact Information.
Bonus #2: Unlimited revisions to the Professional Golf Caddie Secrets Revealed Book-- A $97.00 VALUE. Bonus #3: Email Consultation-- A $397.00 VALUE. Unlimited email consultation for the next year. Ask me all the questions you want.
A $591.00 Value and A copy of THINK AND GROW RICH By Napoleon Hill, a book that could make you millions
Don’t miss out on these!
So what are you waiting for? Take the next step to unlocking some of the simplest secrets of caddying and be prepared to watch your earnings skyrocket!
For less than $1.00 per day, you can be making the money you
have always dreamed of.
For the first Ten Investors
Who are willing to send me their "Success Story"
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NO, make that only
(You get more than 50% off the regular price and that’s
for acting TODAY only)
Okay, A Quick Recap…Order Now and you get “Professional Golf Caddie Secrets Revealed" Book A $97.00 VALUE
These Special VIP Members Bonuses
Bonus #1: Private Golf Courses Directory-- A $97.00 VALUE. A comprehensive guide of all the golf courses in the USA by States and Contact Information.
Bonus #2: Unlimited revisions to the "Professional Golf Caddie Secrets Revealed" Book A $97.00 VALUE.

Bonus #3: Email Consultation-- A $397.00 VALUE. Unlimited email consultation for the next year.
Book for $97.00 plus the bonuses for $591.00 A total value of $688.00 and A copy of THINK AND GROW RICH By Napoleon Hill, a book that could make you millions
All This for only $47.00 Today
How this works
When you invest in “Professional Golf Caddies Secrets Revealed" Digital Book through CLICKBANK 100% secure server, (your credit card information will be safe) you will gain immediate access to the digitally downloadable package of goodies containing your books and bonuses, along with simple instructions for getting started that way, you will be starting a New Life in 90 seconds from Now!
If you have never downloaded a book over the web before, or if you're ever stuck, I'm here to help.
It’s not a problem, I’ve done this many times for beginners before. I would be glad to show you how quick and easy it is to download “Professional Golf Caddies Secrets Revealed” over the web.
Order online 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week , 365 days a year. Even if it's 2:17 A.M.
"Yes Anderson, I Want To learn How to Become A Professional Golf Caddie And Be The Envy of My Colleagues and Have More Fun With My Family Right Now!
Warning: Do not invest in The Most Comprehensive Professional Golf Caddie Home Study Course, “Professional Golf Caddies Secrets Revealed" If You Are Afraid To Be Very Successful.
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P.P.S.: Take this opportunity to make your dream come true. Remember you have 60 days to use this material and if you do not increase your earnings by 25%, let me know and I will buy the book back from you . So click the link below now and get your copy of “Professional Golf Caddies Secrets Revealed" now!
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